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The CoDaCourse imparted at the premises of the University of Girona (UdG) has three formats: a week, one-day and online. These courses provide an introduction to the theoretical and practical aspects of statistical analysis of compositional data, as well as an informal discussion forum on more advanced modeling topics.

These courses will present the current state of the art in this field of active research and will cover the following topics:

  • Hypothesis underlying statistical data analysis (sample space, scale).
  • The Aitchison geometry of the simplex.
  • Coordinate representation; distributions on the simplex.
  • Exploratory analysis (centering, variation array, biplot, balances-dendrogram).
  • Pre-processing irregular data: outliers, missing data and zeros.
  • Multivariate analysis with CoDa: regression, cluster, MANOVA, and discriminant analysis.
  • Introduction to available software: CoDaPack and R-packages.

Bring your own data sets

...ask, discuss, work, make progress!

The CoDaCourses will consist of lectures and exercises. Exercises are done with the freeware CoDaPack and the package zCompositions from the open source statistical environment R. Some datasets and their particular problems will be presented. They will be discussed and analysed interactively. Assistants are encouraged to bring their own data sets and state those questions they would like to be answered during the course.

Statisticians and applied scientists of any field, in particular engineering geologists, geologists, economics, scientists, environmental engineers, and bio&environmental scientists, working in academic or industrial institutions, are strongly encouraged to take the course. It is recommended that attendants have undergone some first semester courses on statistics, algebra and calculus. Basic knowledge about multivariate statistics may also be handy.

The CoDaCourses are organized by the members of the Research Group on Compositional Data Analysis at the Dept. Informàtica, Matemàtica Aplicada i Estadística (IMAE-UdG) under the projects COmpositional Data Analysis and RElated meThOdS (CODA-RETOS) and COmpositional and Spatial Data Analysis (COSDA). The team of theachers also includes members from the Technical University of Catalonia (UPC), and Biomathematics & Statistics Scotland (BioSS).

The courses are accredited by the International Association for Mathematical Geosciences (IAMG) since 2011 and by the CoDa-Association since 2017. Several editions were supported by the Statistical Modelling Society (SMS) and promoted by the ERS-IASC. Special discounts for students and members these organizations are applied to fees.

The CoDa-course online

CoDa-course online is the online version of the CoDaCourse. Course development, instruction, evaluation and other educational processes are tailored to the distance learner. Each student can set their own pace based on their personal time commitments. A teacher-tutor will be assigned to each student enrolled in the course.

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The week-CoDaCourse
(COVID-19: due the uncertainties resulting from the COVID19 pandemics the week-course was DEFERRED TO 2022)

The last edition of the week-CoDaCourse was held in Girona, 1-5 July 2019.

Due to COVID-19, due the uncertainties resulting from the COVID19 pandemics the week-course was DEFERRED TO 2022

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